Some inspiration from Ferlinghetti

14 January 2012

I read this poem at some point in late 2011, and it gave me the germ of the idea for my resolution: something short like this can be fitted into any day, and it makes the day better. In turn, the wish to share it has resulted in this blog. The poem is from  Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Pictures of the gone world, the first in the ‘Pocket Poets’ series from City Lights Books that would later include Ginsberg’s Howl and Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems. It follows a longer poem that offers a mild sense of panic about both the proliferation of world affairs and local, moving surface detail, before settling down to focus on a single, still point. This poem mirrors some of the last poem’s context, but is beautiful in its suggestion that the true intention of the world is something joyful (and incidentally how I saw the new year in).


———————–and we stood about
————————————–up in Central Park
——dropping coins in the fountains
————————————–and a harlequin
———————–came naked among
—————————————the nursemaids
and caught them picking their noses
—————————-when they should have been



[Posted on breadandwaterjournal; I’ve tried to trick WordPress into letting me replicate the original typography. I picked up Pictures of the gone world in the Maelstrom bookshop in Brussels.]


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