Music for a Summer Afternoon, by Siofra McSherry

16 February 2012

Shouts of pleasure and our silence form
the strummed song of the afternoon.
We have turned the sack of our talk inside out
in the unhappy search for its square root
and sit happily amid our broken arithmetic.
We are staring into a blue bowl
which encircles the liquid evening light,
we dip in our arms and splash our faces
until they are golden and shining. Our eyes
are brimming with light

——————————I can step over
the flaming grass into your cool indigo
and twist like a fish through a dappled pool
of dream-stained inks and drowning shadows,
the disintegrating faces of the formerly loved.
I can try on the strange geometry of your body
from the inside, pressing palms to the curve
of your skull, feet into the soft untanned
leather of yours and swell like a corpse
with fluid love

[Ripped from foam:e; Siofra’s blog can be found here:]


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