From ‘My Route 66’, by Heng Siok Tian

12 February 2013



My route 66 was to drive
towards an endless sky.
as a highway woman
who sings no anglo-sino ballad.

I ran my scrawls in C++
Chaucer to Kerouac,
Panthurst to Woolf,
Eve to Mother,
cells and bytes

I cut my finger
slicing fish
on a chopping board
and pulled my back
bringing in laundry –
they are reality bites
to tell me
my ego has gone too huge.

Properly protected,
I did no drugs,
smoked no cigarettes,
hardly drank
and kissed none
till well over twenty-one,
does this make me an everywoman?

How unreal was my rainbow sky.

[Read in Contouring by Heng Siok Tian, Landmark Books, which is in part a dialogue with Emily Dickinson. A piece of a C++ screenshot ripped from – something I know nothing about.]


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