a scroll painting, by Arthur Yap

9 September 2013

the mountains are hazy with timeless passivity
sprawling monotonously in the left-hand corner
while clouds diffuse and fill the entire top half
before bumping daintily into a bright red parakeet
perched suicide-like on a beautiful gnarled branch
arched by the weight of fruit and one ripe peach
hung a motionless inch from the gaping beak

here is transient beauty
caught in permanence
but of what avail is such perpentual unattainment?

i know the stupid bird can never eat the stupid peach


Like Keats’ ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’, but got out of bed the wrong side…

[Read in The Space of City Trees, published by Skoob. Ripped from intertwingled.]


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