the old builder complains to the new town planner, by Joshua Ip

26 October 2013

what then, these upgrades, these new estates, these
new lifts that stop on every floor, and three
per block, one at each corner. you think we
did not know how to do this in the 80s?
and all of these convenient criss-cut paths,
that hurry them from car to flat. move on,
move on, close door, close window, on air con.

we were building a home, not finding faster
ways to get them to their homes. what common
ground do they share beyond void decks? tell
me why they’d stand together without lifts?
you want to build community? a modern
shiny building? pffft.
——————————-listen to this:
turn off the taps, and sink a common well.


[Read in Sonnets from the Singlish, published by Math Paper Press. Ripped from]


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