Haiku, by Pipzi Williams

3 May 2014

little toadstool
leans one-legged by the road
drunken hitch-hiker


I have looked a little way down a rabbit hole this morning. Before posting a poem, I will search to see if it exists anywhere else by googling a line. Thus, for the post from Dragonflies by Yong Shu Hoong, I searched for his description of a walking stick, “leans lone-legged”. It returned no results – perhaps a gratifying endorsement of Yong’s originality… Google, meanwhile, suggested that I might rather have been searching for “leans one-legged”, which returns precisely one result – also, funnily enough, in a poem, on hikoo.com. Thus I accidentally stumbled upon (and have now destroyed) a near-Googlewhack (it doesn’t match the strictest definition).

Having read one haiku by ‘lordfanny1723’, I thought I might read another on the same site – after all, they are very short. Then, in contrast to the solitary beauty of the one-legged toadstool, I was overwhelmed with profusion. This user managed to add 3,231 haikus to hikoo.com between 28th November 2011 and 11th June 2013 – a huge number, and an appreciable proportion of the total haikus currently on hikoo.com (18,043). In fact, there has barely been any activity since 11th June 2013. This intrigued me – what had happened to the prolific lordfanny1723? Google reveals that he (I believe it’s a he) is now active on twitter, and posting multiple haiku a day there – under the name Pipzi Williams, to whom I have thus ascribed this haiku in my title. I am almost disoriented by this effervescence of short observations…


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