A poem from Kherbek’s online collection¬†Ephemera.


Delivery was slow,
so you said, vintage
toys from the ebay
void. I’m partial to the idea,

that somewhere, a dalek
disco has opened, a queue
extends up the pavement
of some post-apocalyptic
planet vaguely resembling
1970s earth or Detroit,
present-day. They huddle,
glammed to fuck,
plungers lipsticked, eye-
stalk rouged, before
a burly door man who
looks them over:
“Oy, you,
you’re in.”


William Kherbek published a collection this autumn entirely on YouTube, called Ephemera. This is one of the 45 poems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLWeOYWoin4

Crows pecking the cracks
in the pavements, now and then
a black beak touches life.


How does Clapton Pond
Stay so fresh and clean? Some-
one comes to clean it.


These are two of my favourites from a series of haikus by William Kherbek included in the second Friary Road House Editions Poetry anthology, published last autumn. Variously thoughtful and entertaining, and peppered with markers of north and east London.